What is a Crochet Scrumble?history

What is a crochet scrumble? It is a type of freeform crochet which means to just take the hook and yarn and just have a go at it. There’s no pattern to follow… no need to work in rows or rounds. Feel free to change colors whenever you like and create whatever shape you please.

Instead of using the brilliant and inspiring term ‘SCRUMBLE’ (originators Sylvia Cosh and James Walters) I am calling it the LATCH PATCH. The reason for this is I use a latch hook instead of a traditional crochet hook. I believe it is so much easier to use… don’t believe me? Watch six year old Lulu, on my facebook page making a simple chain in minutes. Latch patches or crochet scrumbles can be taught in the same way with a latch hook.

In previous posts I referred to experimental scrumbles as SCRUMBLE JUMBLES as to the untrained eye they can appear odd. However I have found that by adding a couple of eyes these first experimental latch patches can become a cute ‘Beasty Brooch‘.

I spent most of 2018 updating my easy crochet ideas in the form of my first book ‘Latch Hook Crochet for Beginners’ . As I write this I am waiting for the mail to deliver my first print copy for inspection by me. I keep telling Phil I am 99% sure it will be fine. At this stage I don’t want to find any major goofs!

*Edit the book had a couple of changes needed but it’s now available to buy on Amazon. PLease do take a look!

Anyway my ideas have evolved a bit since I last blogged and there are many articles on teaching crochet and what is a latch hook for? I also have many teaching resources including Youtube and my facebook page and groups. Join the community!

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