The new cabin

Phil has been busy transforming the Hoopla tent into a new cabin!I know this post is not crochet related but I am happy to share a bit about us on this blog too. This cabin is one of the accommodations on our glamping site where we live.My little Safari Caravan is where I do lots of crochet. It is also featured a lot in my live videos, which can be seen on Facebook too.  I would love to hold a Latch Hooking convention here sometime! OPEN IN JULY Continue reading The new cabin

2020 update

I guess I have neglected my blog in favour of my Facebook page and fb group which are both getting further reach and becoming a buzzing social scene for Latch Hook Crochet. I have been preoccupied with trying to learn all the technical knowhow to advertise this hobby, especially during lockdown. After the successful drop in workshops last year which convinced me that kids just love making chains and flowers with a latch hook then I needed to press on with my passion to make this work. I also was inspired by the 700 + people that became members of … Continue reading 2020 update