Crochet Scrumbling is now a Latch patch

December 2018 Update

I will now be referring to a scrumble as a latch patch. See why here Similar to a scrumble but worked with a latch hook.

Scrumble jumbles are fun.

Your first scrumbles will look odd.

I attempted to teach my 4 year old granddaughter how to crochet a scrumble.

However the yarn over was loose.

But she fiddled about with pretending to yarn over and in a very fiddly manner kept threading the end of the yarn through holes. Her idea.

There wasn’t a lot to it , a little bundle of coloured yarn which we made together.

Imagine my delight when she got up, carefully carrying the puddled yarn to mummy……..look mummy I have made a scrumble jumble!

I am not sure if she will try again. But we tied her scrumble onto a piece of open net mesh material and I helped her sew for the first time with a thick plastic needle. I tried to keep it flat as she stitched her huge stitches over her scrumble.

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