Beginners Class Telford

In the Uk we are trying to get back to some kind of normal. My first class has now had three sessions at the Severn Hospice with some lovely ladies who are absolute crochet beginners. They are following the new idea of just using two stitches to make things. These are chain and slip stitch, although some have snook in the bullion stitch too because it is such a fun stitch to do and has so much texture. We are having great fun experimenting with this way forward and I love how they surprise me with their work! Continue reading Beginners Class Telford

Crochet Ladies Telford

Oh my ! What fun we are having learning how to crochet the easy way!! Thank you Diane Drummond for getting us together. I think we are on a mission .Me to teach and you to learn. It really is quite an adventure into the unknown, it’s all a huge experiment and none of us are quite sure where it will lead, but we are going for it anyway!!! we are definitely having fun and laughter that’s for sure!! Here we go! Continue reading Crochet Ladies Telford

Crochet work in progress

youtube/Wo3mzrCtKi8 Do watch this space, this is likely to be the first of many links to my YouTube Channel videos. This one is a demo of me making my crocheted shawl using a latch hook. If you have never seen me latch hooking then do check this out.Click the link above. Then do subscribe too. You May comment there on YouTube or below this post in the comments below! Continue reading Crochet work in progress

Latch hook crochet goes to Yarndale

I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted as an exhibitor at the Yarndale Wool Fair at Skipton in Yorkshire. I have always wanted to go but to have my own display there is awesome! Tickets are already on sale for 24th and 25th September 2021. I am so excited to be able to put Latch Hook Crochet out there. Lockdown hasn’t helped me one bit, so it’s been years getting anywhere. Phil and I are planning how we can build my stall. I am also hoping to be able to have workshops too. How cool is that? … Continue reading Latch hook crochet goes to Yarndale

Crochet book for sale

Great news! After lots of learning curves , I am now able to send you an email copy of my book ‘ Latch Hook Crochet for beginners’ . You will need to contact me via your email and then pick up your ebook copy using Dropbox which is very easy. Then when it arrives I will send you a PayPal request for only £3 , that’s a bargain and my book will then be on your computer. Latch Hook Crochet for Beginners Continue reading Crochet book for sale

Blogging 101

This is really my Journal 12, but I think I saw somewhere that to reach more folks we need to make titles more searchable. Or is that just Facebook and Instagram? Correct me if I am wrong ok. So I immediately thought of blogging 101 because that was the name of the blogging course that I took way back in 2016! Do check out my blog which catalogs our years of the good life when we were attempting self sufficiency. We dad manage to produce everything on our plates for a while,but to be honest it’s hard work and a … Continue reading Blogging 101

My Journal 11

Do you find yourself constantly trying to keep all the balls up in the air? That’s how I am feeling, but I am still here!! so here is the rundown… Daily post on Instagram Learn and make another reel Post in my new neglected fb group!! ‘Latch Hook Crochet Fibre Art’. Edit movies in IMovie post videos from Instagram onto YouTube Checkout why couple couldn’t book my Airbnb Experience! Why? Post another newsletter from my blog email list. Continue writing my latest book. Book two… The Simplest Way to Crochet. Write my Journal blog post…… Done What’s your list like? … Continue reading My Journal 11

My Journal 10

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that you take on? The first thing I am trying to get used to is this new block editor!!! Is any one on Instagram. I am ‘crochetfreeform’. Let me know who you are ok. So on there I have a weekly plan that I can never keep up with. Teacake Tuesday WIP Wednesday Thought for Thursday Freeform Friday Sales on Saturday School on Sunday Catch up Monday I have done with online coaching and online challenges for a while. But I am experimenting with a program called Designrr and I … Continue reading My Journal 10

My Journal… is it 10?

After an overhaul at the docs I decided it’s time I had a health kick up the bum!! Over Covid lockdown I have become a couch potato addicted to chocolate! What is Your favourite chocolate? Mine is Lindt white chocolate truffle balls! They are so yummy I just can’t stop at one. Sooo they are not on my shopping list or in my shopping trolley! Soooo guess what! I am now a fully paid member of my local swimming pool. And I am booked in for three sessions a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Yeah! And the healthy eating diet … Continue reading My Journal… is it 10?

Do read this!!!

I have posted about the importance of reviews .I wanted to share this one with you! I am so chuffed with this recent feedback. These two lovely ladies found us on Airbnb, who we use to advertise our glamping site. I have also been accepted for my classes as an Airbnb Experience, which is great for local crafters to attend. My mum and I had a wonderful stay in Roz and Phils beautiful glamping site. It was so peaceful and was the perfect escape from work. We made dinner on the bbq and kept warm by the fire in the … Continue reading Do read this!!!

Journal 7…. This is a hoot!

I had an email today from WordPress, with a half price course on successful blogging. Today I began my learning modules and the first thing I have learned already is how to add a block to add a video from my YouTube Channel. How cool is that I say! i have had a blog for years but when it changed to the block system I couldn’t get it! So here we go! Here is another video….. I have loads!! Aww nooooo! This is my first Granny Roz video…… it really is an embarrassing hoot!!it’s so funny, even makes me chuckle … Continue reading Journal 7…. This is a hoot!

Journal 5 Over on Facebook I have begun to try and make a live video every day. I am keen to show up as often as possible to reach parents and children to get them started in this new hobby. You might ask why I am passionate about this. And the reason is because it is fun and easy to do. I have met so many people who say that crochet is hard to do. I also use a freeform approach which is a creative no pattern approach. And this can also lead to a fibre art using canvas and unique … Continue reading Journal 5