What is a latch hook?

Did you know the answer? A latch hook is usually used for making rag rugs or hooked rugs. It is slightly similar to a traditional crochet hook but it a latch to hold the yarn when a loop is pulled through. Have you ever made a rug using a latch hook?

Can you use a latch hook for crochet?

Well, I love crochet and I love teaching (I’m a retired teacher) so I combined my two passions and discovered an easy way to crochet… the new way! I found that by using a latch hook, instead of traditional crochet hook, beginners and kids, picked up the basics in minutes. I believe it is easier… just try it out and see! They say …… ‘this is soooo cooool ! ‘

Left is a latch hook and Right is a traditional crochet hook

 So when children ask me “What is a latch hook?” I tell them, that it is like having their own little machine. I explain, it’s how knitting machines work with rows of similar latch hooks and that is how machine made knitted jumpers and cardigans are made.

Giving a child a latch hook is in itself motivating. But seeing the resulting chain appear is a fascinating experience and as they succeed they often become absorbed in the process. Adults do too, as not a lot of folks have used a latch hook and for those who have, it sparks off memories of making rag rugs!!

A short chain length will make a simple plain bracelet. A longer chain length will make a necklace.

Traditionally beginners would go on to make repeated rows and rows of traditional stitches, however the next step I teach is to make the same chain length bracelet with fancy yarns. There are so many available nowadays

I also go on to teach a different set of basic stitches, which have been chosen for ease of use with a latch hook. These are chain stitch , slip stitch, bullion stitch, Tunisian stitch, and later puff stitch.

I have many resources including a book on Amazon, a Youtube channel with tutorials and a community of like minded latch hook crocheters on facebook!

Join in the fun and subscribe to the blog for future updates and projects.

Thanks for reading!

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