Using variegated yarn… How to use variegated yarn in your Latch Patches

Note date of this post…. I was still experimenting here, but using variegated yarn (self made) has become an essential part of teaching Latch Hook Crochet. Also not that I use a latch hook to teach crochet instead of a traditional crochet hook because it is much easier! Also, if you are wondering what a Latch patch is, see here.

Using variegated yarn, Kids can see what is happening in their work better and also young ones enjoy the next colour yarn coming up!!

IMG_5880This one shows up the stitches a bit better, but I still think longer stretches of colour?

Still playing with variegated yarn.

I am happy that this one shows up the puff stitch. Also on the ‘petal’ shapes, one colour in chain and the next slip stitch.

Then slip stitches can easily be see round the edges too.

Magic knots are used in this example. Still easy stitches, easy to see.


There are loads of things you can do, using variegated yarn. Feel free to point them towards my many resources including a book on Amazon, a Youtube channel with tutorials and a community of like minded latch hook crocheters on facebook!

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