Freeform crochet… what is it?

For a few months of the year, I’m lucky to stay on our boat in Australia! So here I am, relaxing with lots of time to start some Freeform Crochet projects!

So what is freeform crochet?

Freeform crochet can be described as “patternless”, and is often referred to as “painting with yarn”. Incredibly fun and relaxing, there is no wrong way or right way… only your way.

I love to use finer yarns and a small latch hook. A latch hook is traditionally used for rug making and sometimes hair braiding, but I have found a new and easy way to crochet!

Once you have (easily) mastered the simple crochet stitches, using a latch hook, you can embrace your inner artist and try some freeform crochet! I have some free videos on YouTube and when you are ready to move to freeform and more advanced crochet, I have a subscription which includes videos, tutorials and one to ones on the platform 2, facebook group

Thanks for looking and remember to keep in touch by subscribing to the blog!

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