A Fibre Arts tutor teaching you to unlock your creativity with engaging, unique and experimental methods. It’s time to take away the frustration and show you that this craft can not only be fun but can enable new levels of artistic abilities and skills?

I refer to myself as a craftoholic but lately I am interested in teaching a different method of crochet. I taught in Primary Education and am by nature a teacher.

Learn Easy Crochet with me, Roslyn Hill

Author of ‘Latch Hook Crochet for Beginners’

available on Amazon.

My latest review , you will notice that I am now reaching out to all those who would like to Glamp with us as well as learn this new exciting craft!

โ€œMy mum and I had a wonderful stay in Roz and Phil’s beautiful glamping site. It was so peaceful and was the perfect escape from work. They had thought of everything… and we especially loved the free range eggs! We also had a couple of Latch Hook Crochet sessions with Roz. It was great to have the opportunity to learn a new skill, and so quickly! She’s even written a book which has helped me continue my first crochet project back at home. Roz and Phil are very kind, creative and generous people. I would 100% recommend a stay!โ€

If you are so tired of your kids saying ‘What can I do?’ Do you feel guilty because they are spending far too much time on their tablets or watching TV?

Then this is an engaging activity for you and the kids…

Learn easy crochet – the new way!

They love it and its so easy with a a non traditional method, using a latch hook!!

Teaching easy crochet

Easy crochet, with a latch hook, has been my passion since 2016. I combined my love for crochet with my experience of teaching and found a new way to teach beginners crochet.

I discovered it was much easier to teach crochet stitches using a non traditional method with a latch hook. I started holding drop in workshops locally and found that after just a few minutes tuition, children were very soon making chains, bracelets, bookmarks and other things which they could wear!

Six local schools have shown interest and are looking at crochet after school clubs with the intention of making things with the children for fund raising. Christmas Crackers with crochet headbands are a must!!

I am currently working with a group of ladies at the Severn Hospice, Telford. At last this project can get underway now that covid restrictions have been lifted in the UK.

Do follow my weekly blog to see the amazing progress the ladies are making using just two stitches. I am delighted to share this with followers here.

Learn easy crochet with my free resources…

Take a look at my Youtube Channel

Join my facebook group and meet others who are interested in Latch Hook Crochet

Or you can find out lots more about this new and exciting hobby on our facebook page

Freeform crochet – Stage Two Members Group

What is freeform crochet?

Freeform crochet can be described as “patternless” and is experimental. It is incredibly fun and relaxing, there is no wrong way or right way… only your way.

This group is for those people who are interested in learning freeform crochet. It is a private group by invitation only.
At the outset of forming this group it is about sharing information re tutorials using Roslyn Hills Stage 2 units or projects.

These projects are at the second stage of learning and follow on from those published in the book ‘Latch Hook Crochet for Beginners’.
Members will also have tuition in groups using an online stage such as Zoom. This group is a resource for school groups and individuals. There will be opportunity to share work and ask questions.

Once you have mastered the basics ,you can join this community to increase your latch hooking skills. .

Latch Hook Crochet for Beginners by Author Roslyn Hill
This book is available from Amazon and also as an ebook from Kobo

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