Why use a Latch Hook?

A latch hook is traditionally used for making hooked rugs or rag rugs. It is quite similar to a traditional crochet hook, however a latch hook holds the yarn when a loop is pulled through. BUT did you know, you can use a latch hook for traditional crochet too?!! Why use a latch hook when there is a traditional crochet hook? Well…..I discovered a new way of teaching crochet and found that using a latch hook, traditional stitches can be taught in minutes.

Easy Crochet – the new way!

When people ask me “Why use a latch hook?” I tell them, that it is like having their own little machine. I explain, it’s how knitting machines work with rows of similar latch hooks and that is how machine made knitted jumpers and cardigans are made.

Using a latch hook makes teaching crochet easy and bracelets, headbands, bookmarks can be made in no time!. Think of all the hours you and the kids can spend absorbed in a new activity. You can make some meaningful crochet gifts too.

So next time someone asks “Why use a latch hook?” you can tell them the answer! Feel free to point them towards my many resources including three text books on Amazon, a Youtube channel with tutorials and a community of like minded latch hook crocheters on facebook!

Roslyn Hill💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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