My Journal 11. Crochet online learning

Do you find yourself constantly trying to keep all the balls up in the air?

That’s how I am feeling, but I am still here!!

so here is the rundown…

  • Daily post on Instagram
  • Learn and make another reel
  • Post in my new neglected fb group!! ‘Latch Hook Crochet Fibre Art’.
  • Edit movies in IMovie
  • post videos from Instagram onto YouTube
  • Checkout why couple couldn’t book my Airbnb Experience! Why?
  • Post another newsletter from my blog email list.
  • Continue writing my latest book. Book two… The Simplest Way to Crochet.
  • Write my Journal blog post…… Done

What’s your list like?

At least I now have my tasks set out , I will pop back and update my list…

Happy blogging day to all!


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