What do you like about your writing?

A tricky question.

I am more likely to wonder what others think about my writing.

I have written a book ‘Latch Hook Crochet for Beginners’ and as it is my first book then the more reviews I can get then the better it will do. So by asking for a review I am actually asking readers to say what they like about my writing.

First it is important to proof read ones own work and basically the aim is to write it as well as one can. What I do like at this stage is that up pops spellcheck to correct my spelling. I cant spell for the life of me. School essays were a nightmare!

When it comes to blogging, the thing I like most about my writing is that there is no pressure and I can write in whatever way I like. I do tend to write as I speak without having to worry about being perfect or correct. It’s my style and I am happy with it.

I have another blog which is packed with many memoirs , I really enjoyed the blogging journey and I like the fact that it is there for family or anyone else who would like to peruse through it all. http;//umpteenthings.com

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