Catching up!

I have been sooooo busy writing my Crochet Art text books during the school holidays. Post covid I have been able to go back into the classroom and begin teaching crochet to both primary and secondary school children. It went so well! The children had so much fun learning in a hands on creative way. The Staff were keen for me to return for more school sessions and the parents loved how the kids were involved in making things. So much positive feedback online too has been an incentive for me to put the hours in. I want to say … Continue reading Catching up!

What does your ideal day look like?

I am thinking of two days with my husband Phil beside me. Two days with lots of similarities. The one was with my two grandchildren in Australia enjoying a day wandering around Sydney , beginning with a ferry trip under the Harbour Bridge and then being directed around the city streets and enjoying time in a city park. Such fun was had exploring inside a huge tunnel light installation. Difficult to describe, but quite an experiential adventure! Then eagerly lead to the kids favourite yummy sushi bar. A similar day in the UK with my other two grandchildren wandering the … Continue reading What does your ideal day look like?

Journal 7…. This is a hoot!embedded YouTube video

I had an email today from WordPress, with a half price course on successful blogging. Today I began my learning modules and the first thing I have learned already is how to add a block to add a video from my YouTube Channel. How cool is that I say! i have had a blog for years but when it changed to the block system I couldn’t get it! So here we go! Here is another video….. I have loads!! Aww nooooo! This is my first Granny Roz video…… it really is an embarrassing hoot!!it’s so funny, even makes me chuckle … Continue reading Journal 7…. This is a hoot!embedded YouTube video

My journal Birthday week

Its been a few days since I posted. The reason is because we moved out of our big yellow bus and into our onsite static home. It was delivered last saturday on my birthday! This week is birthday week for us as my mum had her zoom 101st birthday, which was fantastic seeing our family meet from NZ and Australia. Yesterday was Phil’s birthday too …. but not until next years big 0 one! I will upload some photos of the static home and the bus when I can learn how to retrieve them from icloud. This is a tech … Continue reading My journal Birthday week

The Ark our new place

OhI am so sorry I didn’t get to do a WIP Wednesday live this week!It’s been manic, really manic. Soon we will be moving out of our big yellow bus and into the luxury palace, I told Phil this morning on the other hand we could call it The Ark!In actual fact it is a 37 foot static caravan….. one of those big things that people go on holiday to the seaside in!It’s not your average home, but it is bigger than a bus, or a show wagon, or an ocean going cruiser, or an airstream , or a narrowboat … Continue reading The Ark our new place