My Journal 10 more crochet overwhelm!

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that you take on? The first thing I am trying to get used to is this new block editor!!!

Is any one on Instagram. I am ‘crochetfreeform’. Let me know who you are ok. So on there I have a weekly plan that I can never keep up with.

Teacake Tuesday

WIP Wednesday

Thought for Thursday

Freeform Friday

Sales on Saturday

School on Sunday

Catch up Monday

I have done with online coaching and online challenges for a while. But I am experimenting with a program called Designrr and I am starting to write my own ebooks. I am very much a beginner but keen to get started. So watch this space and let me know if you are attempting this too.

I am planning on hosting a short online course with a few zoom sessions too. Details soon.

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