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Pop on over to my Facebook group, lots going on there!!!

Begin this new hobby with a challenge!! Everyone likes to try something different and this playtime challenge is for adults as well as your kids, so you can do it together! Even dads are having a go!!! Continue reading Pop on over to my Facebook group, lots going on there!!!

The new cabin

Phil has been busy transforming the Hoopla tent into a new cabin!I know this post is not crochet related but I am happy to share a bit about us on this blog too. This cabin is one of the accommodations on our glamping site where we live.My little Safari Caravan is where I do lots of crochet. It is also featured a lot in my live videos, which can be seen on Facebook too.ย  I would love to hold a Latch Hooking convention here sometime! OPEN IN JULY Continue reading The new cabin

2020 update

I guess I have neglected my blog in favour of my Facebook page and fb group which are both getting further reach and becoming a buzzing social scene for Latch Hook Crochet. I have been preoccupied with trying to learn all the technical knowhow to advertise this hobby, especially during lockdown. After the successful drop in workshops last year which convinced me that kids just love making chains and flowers with a latch hook then I needed to press on with my passion to make this work. I also was inspired by the 700 + people that became members of … Continue reading 2020 update

How to latch hook Crochet!! free videos… If you havn’t already found them, do check out my free YouTube Channel! See Roslyn Hill tutorials at the above link! Be sure to check out my video ‘How to teach Latch Hook Crochet’. If you are wondering what this new hobby is about then do watch me teaching Darcy how to hold her hook and how to work a chain. It is so easy for young children to learn how to crochet using this easy method……. Make it fun with the chain along rhyme ONE JOB !!! TWO JOBS !! And BACK MY BUSY FINGER !!……….. And so … Continue reading How to latch hook Crochet!! free videos…

Library workshop Event

I guess I aught to have a full list of up and coming events, but for now ( as I practice updating this blog) I can anounce my workshop at Market Drayton Library on the Friday1st November. All are welcome. It is intended as drop in workshop where I will introduce beginners in learning how to use a latch hook to begin making an easy chain legnth bracelet. I will be available to ask questions about this new latch hooking hobby. Continue reading Library workshop Event

Follow me on my two facebook groups ‘Easy Platform Crochet for Beginners’ and ‘Latch Hook Crochet Platform Two’

Make a start making bracelets with our Yellow Hearts Learning Bracelets Challenge These bracelets are an easy way to begin latch hook crochet. Each one has a new motif and learning curve. All of which will be used in further projects to increase your crochet skills! Continue reading Follow me on my two facebook groups ‘Easy Platform Crochet for Beginners’ and ‘Latch Hook Crochet Platform Two’

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August 2019 update

There is a lot to do here on my wordpress blog so please bare with me.First I am trying out the new block editor which is taxing my brain. Alot!!! see I can now make a list!! lol!! Main thing is the Book 1 ‘Latch Crochet for Beginners is now available on the book depository for just ยฃ3.07 … What a bargain she says!!!! I am doing workshops over the school hols at The British Ironworks Oswestry. I have started doing library workshops too… watch this space! I am hoping to get into my first school in September to teach … Continue reading August 2019 update