My Fiber Chats interview..YouTube link

Link You will need to grab a cuppa and put your feet up to watch this one. What a lovely lady Irena is, we had quite a chat! please note adding interviews and links is new to me, so please comment or find away to let me know if you watched this. all the way through? just a bit of it? was it interesting? Did you learn anything? anything else? Continue reading My Fiber Chats interview..YouTube link

Catching up!

I have been sooooo busy writing my Crochet Art text books during the school holidays. Post covid I have been able to go back into the classroom and begin teaching crochet to both primary and secondary school children. It went so well! The children had so much fun learning in a hands on creative way. The Staff were keen for me to return for more school sessions and the parents loved how the kids were involved in making things. So much positive feedback online too has been an incentive for me to put the hours in. I want to say … Continue reading Catching up!