Learn Crochet the easy way!

There is a new and easy way to learn crochet and that’s by using my tried and tested method of a Latch Hook tool… Yes, that’s right! A latch hook, usually associated with rug making or even hair braiding, and can be used to create traditional, crochet stitches. It makes crochet, so easy, for beginners, kids and anybody! It’s also a great introduction for Freeform Crochet and fibre art activities.

A Latch Hook

Tutorials for learning crochet

Do check out my free YouTube Channel! There are some free videos on making chains, headbands and more.

Be sure to check out my video ‘How to teach Latch Hook Crochet‘. If you are wondering what this new hobby is about then do watch me teaching Darcy :-

~ How to hold her hook and …

~ How to work a chain.

It is so easy for young children to learn how to crochet using this easy method…….

Make it fun with the chain along rhyme


Look at that busy finger!

And so often it is impossible to make a mistake , because whatever you make is how it is meant to be…. There is no right way or wrong way… only your way.

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