Crochet book for sale

Great news! After lots of learning curves , I am now able to send you an email copy of my book ‘ Latch Hook Crochet for beginners’ . You will need to contact me via your email and then pick up your ebook copy using Dropbox which is very easy. Then when it arrives I will send you a PayPal request for only £3 , that’s a bargain and my book will then be on your computer. Latch Hook Crochet for Beginners Continue reading Crochet book for sale

Why use a Latch Hook?

A latch hook is traditionally used for making hooked rugs or rag rugs. It is quite similar to a traditional crochet hook, however a latch hook holds the yarn when a loop is pulled through. BUT did you know, you can use a latch hook for traditional crochet too?!! Why use a latch hook when there is a traditional crochet hook? Well…..I discovered a new way of teaching crochet and found that using a latch hook, traditional stitches can be taught in minutes. Easy Crochet – the new way! When people ask me “Why use a latch hook?” I tell … Continue reading Why use a Latch Hook?

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Latch Hooking for Beginners

It is the week before Christmas and I have just sent my Crochet book off to the printers. It should be for sale on Amazon in a couple of months! It’s all about Latch hooking for beginners but not in the rag rugging sense… it’s all about making traditional crochet much easier to teach and learn! *edit …. it is now available for sale.. check it out! Meanwhile I am returning to this blog to share some of the ideas in the book. It is all about a fresh look at crochet using a latch hook! So it’s a new … Continue reading Latch Hooking for Beginners

Using variegated yarn… How to use variegated yarn in your Latch Patches

Note date of this post…. I was still experimenting here, but using variegated yarn (self made) has become an essential part of teaching Latch Hook Crochet. Also not that I use a latch hook to teach crochet instead of a traditional crochet hook because it is much easier! Also, if you are wondering what a Latch patch is, see here. Using variegated yarn, Kids can see what is happening in their work better and also young ones enjoy the next colour yarn coming up!! This one shows up the stitches a bit better, but I still think longer stretches of … Continue reading Using variegated yarn… How to use variegated yarn in your Latch Patches