The Ark our new place

I am so sorry I didn’t get to do a WIP Wednesday live this week!
It’s been manic, really manic. Soon we will be moving out of our big yellow bus and into the luxury palace, I told Phil this morning on the other hand we could call it The Ark!
In actual fact it is a 37 foot static caravan….. one of those big things that people go on holiday to the seaside in!
It’s not your average home, but it is bigger than a bus, or a show wagon, or an ocean going cruiser, or an airstream , or a narrowboat , or a Gypsy wagon , a silo, a fairground stall or a campervan! Haha!
This where it’s going. It looked like this after days of rain. The geese loved it anyway. It’s as hard as a rock after all the sun, but if it floods again , it just might float off with us and alll our animals!!

How many different places have you lived in? Do you have a place you call the family home? My mums place is still The Family Home! ❤️🧡💚💛💜💜

Puddles everywhere!

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