Journal Glamping, Covid etc

Hello again!

Aw we have been incredibly busy. At last our Glamping season has begun again. We are open for bookings , here in Shropshire!

Phil has also been busy sorting out a grey water system for our new home. And we are so enjoying the much bigger space than we are used to!

I have had my first customers for my crochet Airbnb Experience, and they were really happy with our crafting session. So I have been busy too! Do let us know if you are interested.

COVID has really messed things up for most people and we have been hit too. The good thing is that we managed t get home last March. But our plan to live on our boat in Australia every winter has come to a halt. So we have decided to sell Sandpiper, our much loved ocean cruiser. Fortunately my daughter living in Sydney is around to help.

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