• Wednesday live video… my basic stitches!


    I am revisiting this post to see if the link to my video works and hay ho it does!!!

    So if you click on the link you will find one of my latest videos all about the basic stitches that I use for latch hook crochet.

    I am pleased it works because this is one of my better videos. It is really informative and I tend not to talk too much drivel as I have done in the past.

    I am also quite chuffed because I am hopefully getting my head around some of this confounded techno bumf!! Do make a comment if you stumble about with this too.

    Then do click the above link and pop over to my facebook group page where I sum up all the basic stitches!!

  • Freeform crochet… what is it?

    For a few months of the year, I’m lucky to stay on our boat in Australia! So here I am, relaxing with lots of time to start some Freeform Crochet projects!

    So what is freeform crochet?

    Freeform crochet can be described as “patternless”, and is often referred to as “painting with yarn”. Incredibly fun and relaxing, there is no wrong way or right way… only your way.

    I love to use finer yarns and a small latch hook. A latch hook is traditionally used for rug making and sometimes hair braiding, but I have found a new and easy way to crochet!

    Once you have (easily) mastered the simple crochet stitches, using a latch hook, you can embrace your inner artist and try some freeform crochet! I have some free videos on YouTube and when you are ready to move to freeform and more advanced crochet, I have a subscription which includes videos, tutorials and one to ones on the platform 2, facebook group

    Thanks for looking and remember to keep in touch by subscribing to the blog!

  • What is a latch hook?

    What is a latch hook?

    Did you know the answer? A latch hook is usually used for making rag rugs or hooked rugs. It is slightly similar to a traditional crochet hook but it a latch to hold the yarn when a loop is pulled through. Have you ever made a rug using a latch hook?

    Can you use a latch hook for crochet?

    Well, I love crochet and I love teaching (I’m a retired teacher) so I combined my two passions and discovered an easy way to crochet… the new way! I found that by using a latch hook, instead of traditional crochet hook, beginners and kids, picked up the basics in minutes. I believe it is easier… just try it out and see! They say …… ‘this is soooo cooool ! ‘

    Left is a latch hook and Right is a traditional crochet hook

     So when children ask me “What is a latch hook?” I tell them, that it is like having their own little machine. I explain, it’s how knitting machines work with rows of similar latch hooks and that is how machine made knitted jumpers and cardigans are made.

    Giving a child a latch hook is in itself motivating. But seeing the resulting chain appear is a fascinating experience and as they succeed they often become absorbed in the process. Adults do too, as not a lot of folks have used a latch hook and for those who have, it sparks off memories of making rag rugs!!

    A short chain length will make a simple plain bracelet. A longer chain length will make a necklace.

    Traditionally beginners would go on to make repeated rows and rows of traditional stitches, however the next step I teach is to make the same chain length bracelet with fancy yarns. There are so many available nowadays

    I also go on to teach a different set of basic stitches, which have been chosen for ease of use with a latch hook. These are chain stitch , slip stitch, bullion stitch, Tunisian stitch, and later puff stitch.

    I have many resources including a book on Amazon, a Youtube channel with tutorials and a community of like minded latch hook crocheters on facebook!

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    Thanks for reading!

  • Tunisian Crochet

    Tunisian Crochet

    One of the basic stitches introduced for crochet is Tunisian Crochet Simple Stitch. Did you know, I teach crochet with a latch hook instead of a traditional crochet hook? It’s so much easier!

    Don’t believe me? Check out my other articles and my YouTube channel.

    If worked with the upright stitch with two or three colours it is very simple to work this stitch with a latch hook. It is also easy to do, I think easier than knitting in the sense that you are casting on (picking up loops) and casting off.

    It’s an attractive and neat stitch. I love it. It doesn’t have to be square either.

    Tunisian crochet, is easy and I have many resources to help you out, including a book on Amazon, a Youtube channel with tutorials and a community of like minded latch hook crocheters on facebook!

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  • Latch Hooking for Beginners ..crochet history

    It is the week before Christmas and I have just sent my Crochet book off to the printers. It should be for sale on Amazon in a couple of months! It’s all about Latch hooking for beginners but not in the rag rugging sense… it’s all about making traditional crochet much easier to teach and learn!

    *edit …. it is now available for sale.. check it out!

    Meanwhile I am returning to this blog to share some of the ideas in the book. It is all about a fresh look at crochet using a latch hook! So it’s a new and exciting hobby. Kids get so absorbed in it. And it is mistake free learning, no dropped stitches !

    A flower brooch

    Take a look at my many resources including a book on Amazon, a Youtube channel with tutorials and a community of like minded latch hook crocheters on facebook!

  • Latch Hook Crochet basic stitches video link

    Today I am sharing with you a video which I did live during lockdown. Its a bit dark as I was living on our school bus at the time. Do try clicking the following link ok.


  • Beginners Class Telford

    In the Uk we are trying to get back to some kind of normal. My first class has now had three sessions at the Severn Hospice with some lovely ladies who are absolute crochet beginners. They are following the new idea of just using two stitches to make things. These are chain and slip stitch, although some have snook in the bullion stitch too because it is such a fun stitch to do and has so much texture. We are having great fun experimenting with this way forward and I love how they surprise me with their work!

  • Crochet Ladies Telford

    Oh my ! What fun we are having learning how to crochet the easy way!!

    Thank you Diane Drummond for getting us together. I think we are on a mission .Me to teach and you to learn. It really is quite an adventure into the unknown, it’s all a huge experiment and none of us are quite sure where it will lead, but we are going for it anyway!!! we are definitely having fun and laughter that’s for sure!!

    Here we go!

  • Only two crochet stitches insta link to video!


  • Shawl work in progress hooks pic


    Do watch this space, this is likely to be the first of many links to my

    YouTube Channel videos.

    This one is a demo of me making my crocheted shawl using a latch hook.

    If you have never seen me latch hooking then do check this out.Click the link above. Then do subscribe too. You May comment there on YouTube or below this post in the comments below!

  • Latch hook crochet goes to Yarndale more pics!

    I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted as an exhibitor at the Yarndale Wool Fair at Skipton in Yorkshire. I have always wanted to go but to have my own display there is awesome!

    Tickets are already on sale for 24th and 25th September 2021.

    I am so excited to be able to put Latch Hook Crochet out there. Lockdown hasn’t helped me one bit, so it’s been years getting anywhere.

    Phil and I are planning how we can build my stall. I am also hoping to be able to have workshops too. How cool is that? I love this phrase which has given me so much inspiration over the months, years in fact since I realised these learning methods really do work. So when several kids have uttered the words… THIS IS SO COOL!… I am more than chuffed.

    Last weekend the young lady who is wearing bracelets on the cover of my book, came to camp with us . We were both totally absorbed! Me teaching and her learning. It was a fabulous time for us and it made me realise just how much a 9 year old can achieve in just a few lessons.


    Let me know if you have been to Yarndale. Are you a crocheter or a knitter? Or both?

    So cool!
  • My Journal 11. Crochet online learning

    Do you find yourself constantly trying to keep all the balls up in the air?

    That’s how I am feeling, but I am still here!!

    so here is the rundown…

    • Daily post on Instagram
    • Learn and make another reel
    • Post in my new neglected fb group!! ‘Latch Hook Crochet Fibre Art’.
    • Edit movies in IMovie
    • post videos from Instagram onto YouTube
    • Checkout why couple couldn’t book my Airbnb Experience! Why?
    • Post another newsletter from my blog email list.
    • Continue writing my latest book. Book two… The Simplest Way to Crochet.
    • Write my Journal blog post…… Done

    What’s your list like?

    At least I now have my tasks set out , I will pop back and update my list…

    Happy blogging day to all!


  • My Journal 10 more crochet overwhelm!

    Do you ever get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that you take on? The first thing I am trying to get used to is this new block editor!!!

    Is any one on Instagram. I am ‘crochetfreeform’. Let me know who you are ok. So on there I have a weekly plan that I can never keep up with.

    Teacake Tuesday

    WIP Wednesday

    Thought for Thursday

    Freeform Friday

    Sales on Saturday

    School on Sunday

    Catch up Monday

    I have done with online coaching and online challenges for a while. But I am experimenting with a program called Designrr and I am starting to write my own ebooks. I am very much a beginner but keen to get started. So watch this space and let me know if you are attempting this too.

    I am planning on hosting a short online course with a few zoom sessions too. Details soon.

  • Latch Hook Cowl video


  • Do read this!!! A testimonial

    I have posted about the importance of reviews .
    I wanted to share this one with you! I am so chuffed with this recent feedback.

    These two lovely ladies found us on Airbnb, who we use to advertise our glamping site. I have also been accepted for my classes as an Airbnb Experience, which is great for local crafters to attend.

    My mum and I had a wonderful stay in Roz and Phils beautiful glamping site. It was so peaceful and was the perfect escape from work. We made dinner on the bbq and kept warm by the fire in the evenings. We had our own bathroom with a lovely hot shower. They had thought of everything… hot water bottles, tea lights, wood for the fire, a cool box, and we especially loved the free range eggs! We also had a couple of Latch Hook Crochet sessions with Roz. It was great to have the opportunity to learn a new skill, and so quickly! She’s even written a book which has helped me continue my first crochet project back at home. Roz and Phil are very kind, creative and generous people. I would 100% recommend a stay!

    One of our glamping options!