Beginners crochet could take place in the new cabin!

For those of you who follow me on social media, will know, that I live on a small holding with a glamping area. We have geese, chickens, guinea fowl and a cow called buttercup. I regularly catch up with my fellow crocheters, teaching easy crochet, in my little safari caravan called Marilyn…(above).

You can see the smallholding in some of my YouTube videos too (my favourite video is the one where I discover I’m only wearing one earring and the chickens are trying to photobomb!)

Well…. Whilst I have been busy with the glamping, publishing of books and teaching easy crochet, Phil has been busy transforming the Hoopla tent into a new cabin! I know this post is not exclusively crochet related but I am happy to share a bit about us on this blog too. This cabin is now, one of the accommodations on our glamping site so you can stay and crochet

I would love to hold a Latch Hooking convention here sometime!

Here’s me! Granny Roz

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