Easy Crochet – learn the new way!

Beginners easy crochet!

Start with these easy crochet bracelets

Learn how on my youtube channel….

Put your feet up, have a cup of tea while your kids are absorbed in this new activity…

Using a latch hook instead of traditional crochet hook, makes the activity easy to learn within minutes!

Easy Crochet – the new way

So how do you learn crochet? I combined my passion for crochet, with a love of teaching and realised that using a non traditional latch hook, provided an easy way to teach and learn!

There are lots of activities to keep the children busy in my book. Latch hook Crochet for beginners available on amazon.

If you are hooked by what you have read so far then I have put together a starter pack for you to get hooking. This includes a latch hook, my book ‘ Latch Hook Crochet for Beginners ‘ and some small balls of yarn. Only £12.
There are free videos on my YouTube Channel showing instructions for the learning bracelets.

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