My journal 3

Its been a few days since I posted. The reason is because we moved out of our big yellow bus and into our onsite static home. It was delivered last saturday on my birthday! This week is birthday week for us as my mum had her zoom 101st birthday, which was fantastic seeing our family meet from NZ and Australia. Yesterday was Phil’s birthday too …. but not until next years big 0 one! I will upload some photos of the static home and the bus when I can learn how to retrieve them from icloud. This is a tech … Continue reading My journal 3

The Ark

OhI am so sorry I didn’t get to do a WIP Wednesday live this week!It’s been manic, really manic. Soon we will be moving out of our big yellow bus and into the luxury palace, I told Phil this morning on the other hand we could call it The Ark!In actual fact it is a 37 foot static caravan….. one of those big things that people go on holiday to the seaside in!It’s not your average home, but it is bigger than a bus, or a show wagon, or an ocean going cruiser, or an airstream , or a narrowboat … Continue reading The Ark

My Journal Journey 2

 It’s a long while since I lived in a house! 25years in a family house. 10 years on a narrowboat. Then a camper, show wagon, airstream, ocean cruiser, yellow bus and we are moving into a lovely big static home this weekend ….. can’t wait to hang my clothes up in a wardrobe! Today we travelled up to Winsford where I had my 2nd vaccine. We then picnicked at Delamere Forest and had a lovely walk in the sunshine. It was an amazing blue sky day. We are so excited about our new home arriving tomorrow. Watch out for the … Continue reading My Journal Journey 2

Blogging v Instagram?

So this is my question. My new platform is’s so visual and easy to post my photos on there. it’s all about getting seen. I have neglected this blog a lot, so I thought I would ask if anyone was trying to use them both as I am. which platform are you on? Where can you be found? Does anyone use Pinterest? which do you prefer and why? I have a YouTube channel but even that is sadly neglected! my latest effort is to show my face more. What do you think? Continue reading Blogging v Instagram?

My journey journal

How many of you have been scammed on the internet? Oh dear it happened to us again last month, you would think we would know by now! But this week had a huge purchase to make and were keen but cautious ! In my brand training with the lovely Nicki form 100% Brand You we are learning about the fact that people buy from folks they trust. Right.Without doubt we have to build that trust over time.Ok.But we also need to empathise and to be on the same wavelength.It has been a manic week for us.When we bought our yellow … Continue reading My journey journal

Learning how to go live! Fun or what? Hi there! So many learning curves for my ageing fuddled brain. I turned 70 last year and I am getting so behind with all this technology.  Can’t get to grips with blocks either! Its still lockdown so best brace myself for the wind outside and go for a walk with Phil!! Continue reading Learning how to go live! Fun or what?

Wednesday live video… my basic stitches! I am revisiting this post to see if the link to my video works and hay ho it does!!! So if you click on the link you will find one of my latest videos all about the basic stitches that I use for latch hook crochet. I am pleased it works because this is one of my better videos. It is really informative and I tend not to talk too much drivel as I have done in the past. I am also quite chuffed because I am hopefully getting my head around some of this confounded techno bumf!! Do … Continue reading Wednesday live video… my basic stitches!

About this new the video I am returning to this post to say a little bit more about this recent link. I don’t know if you are getting fed up with lockdown, but in a tragic way crochet and making these videos has been quite quite therapeutic for me. I will try to keep it short, but last october my hubby Phil suffered a serious head injury and was in hospital for two months. I had great support from family and wonderful friends and life was sometimes just bearable for us both. So I get a bit emotional when watching this video as Phil … Continue reading About this new the video

Beginners crochet could take place in the new cabin!

For those of you who follow me on social media, will know, that I live on a small holding with a glamping area. We have geese, chickens, guinea fowl and a cow called buttercup. I regularly catch up with my fellow crocheters, teaching easy crochet, in my little safari caravan called Marilyn…(above). You can see the smallholding in some of my YouTube videos too (my favourite video is the one where I discover I’m only wearing one earring and the chickens are trying to photobomb!) Well…. Whilst I have been busy with the glamping, publishing of books and teaching easy … Continue reading Beginners crochet could take place in the new cabin!

Learn Easy Crochet on facebook

I guess I have neglected my blog in favour of my Facebook page and fb group which are both getting further reach and becoming a buzzing social scene for “Easy Crochet – new way”, using a Latch Hook! I have been preoccupied with trying to learn all the technical knowhow to advertise this hobby, especially during lockdown. After the successful drop in workshops last year which convinced me that kids just love making chains and flowers with a latch hook then I needed to press on with my passion to make this work. I also was inspired by the 700 … Continue reading Learn Easy Crochet on facebook

Learn Crochet the easy way!

There is a new and easy way to learn crochet and that’s by using my tried and tested method of a Latch Hook tool… Yes, that’s right! A latch hook, usually associated with rug making or even hair braiding, and can be used to create traditional, crochet stitches. It makes crochet, so easy, for beginners, kids and anybody! It’s also a great introduction for Freeform Crochet and fibre art activities. Tutorials for learning crochet Do check out my free YouTube Channel! There are some free videos on making chains, headbands and more. Be sure to check out my video ‘How … Continue reading Learn Crochet the easy way!

Easy Crochet projects for beginners and kids

There are so many easy crochet projects for beginners and kids. Why not make a start with a simple crochet bracelet, by following my tutorial on YouTube! If you have read any of my other posts, you will know that I use a non traditional method for teaching crochet. I like to call it Easy Crochet – the New way and it’s learnt using a latch hook. A latch hook is usually associated with rug making and even hair braiding….. but it can also be used to do traditional crochet too! Follow me on my facebook page and join my … Continue reading Easy Crochet projects for beginners and kids

How to teach easy crochet… free resources!

Beginners crochet is easy to teach with my free resources. If you follow my blog or social media, you will know I have discovered a new and easy way to teach crochet! It’s using a latch hook instead of traditional crochet hook, which makes it easier for beginners and little fingers, to learn the stitches. Learning the basic crochet stitches is easy and can lead to many wonderful creations such as bracelets, headbands, bookmarks and freeform crochet pieces. It’s an amazing fibre art activity, which kids and adults will love getting immersed in. Check out my YouTube videos which show … Continue reading How to teach easy crochet… free resources!