Blogging 101

This is really my Journal 12, but I think I saw somewhere that to reach more folks we need to make titles more searchable. Or is that just Facebook and Instagram? Correct me if I am wrong ok.

So I immediately thought of blogging 101 because that was the name of the blogging course that I took way back in 2016! Do check out my blog which catalogs our years of the good life when we were attempting self sufficiency.

We dad manage to produce everything on our plates for a while,but to be honest it’s hard work and a young mans game.

Right now I am on a roll. I am very busy with my YouTube Channel. I have neglected it in favour of fb and Instagram. On these platforms I have busy doing live videos and reels even!!

They are mostly crazy and fun to do . However I have found a way to repost my videos up to YouTube which hopefully might regenerate some interest there.

Does anyone do what I do and try to keep too much going. I know I am told this is not really a good idea. I am now neglecting my fb group which I have renamed and started another group. All a bit too much I guess!!

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