Blogging v Instagram?

So this is my question.

My new platform is’s so visual and easy to post my photos on there.

it’s all about getting seen. I have neglected this blog a lot, so I thought I would ask if anyone was trying to use them both as I am.

which platform are you on? Where can you be found? Does anyone use Pinterest?

which do you prefer and why?

I have a YouTube channel but even that is sadly neglected!

my latest effort is to show my face more. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Blogging v Instagram?

  1. You know I love Pinterest 😉 … it’s a great platform for crafts and also visual like Instagram. The bonus is, the pictures are clickable and you can send people straight to your blog… unlike insta where you have to link in your bio.
    Take a look at my Pinterest if you like


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