My journey journal

How many of you have been scammed on the internet?

Oh dear it happened to us again last month, you would think we would know by now!

But this week had a huge purchase to make and were keen but cautious !

In my brand training with the lovely Nicki form 100% Brand You we are learning about the fact that people buy from folks they trust. Right.
Without doubt we have to build that trust over time.Ok.
But we also need to empathise and to be on the same wavelength.
It has been a manic week for us.
When we bought our yellow bus, I spotted it on marketplace on the Wednesday. Phil drove it home the next day. So you could say we are impulsive. History repeated itself this week. I spotted a static caravan on Marketplace and we went to see it, it ticked all the boxes and it will arrive onsite next week!
I could go into which boxes it ticked, but without doubt it was about the immediate, empathy and love we felt for the young couple who were selling it.They wanted us to have it and we wanted to buy it. phew!
They are now our friends.
Nobby can’t drive as he has had a recent serious illness, Phil can’t drive because of his head injury. The day we bought it they popped over to our place to make sure our site was suitable, they are arranging for the delivery and they are coming Glamping and helping to install it , ready for us to move in. Phil doesn’t have to do a thing. We easily came to an agreed price, which we are both happy with. The only way I can explain it is that we knew instinctively that they are our kind of people. A far cry from the unknown dealers who we were imagining we would have to purchase from. It was the first caravan we viewed. But we still bought it!
I am learning why it is important to know in business that people buy from people who offer a great service, who they are able to trust. ❤️🧡💚💛💜💙

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