August 2019 update

There is a lot to do here on my wordpress blog so please bare with me.First I am trying out the new block editor which is taxing my brain. Alot!!!

  • see I can now make a list!! lol!!
  • Main thing is the Book 1 ‘Latch Crochet for Beginners is now available on the book depository for just £3.07 … What a bargain she says!!!!
  • I am doing workshops over the school hols at The British Ironworks Oswestry.
  • I have started doing library workshops too… watch this space!
  • I am hoping to get into my first school in September to teach beginners!
  • I am available for childrens parties too. Call Roz 07815072481
  • I will be working on book 2 in November
  • I am trying to fathom out how to get mailchimp here on this blog…. so if you know how and can help me, then please get in touch,ta!
  • I will be mailing those who attended my workshops, so say hello if you came,will be posting your photos here too.
  • well…. that was my first list using block editor…. cool stuff.
  • Ps… I have deleted lots of stuff on here going back to 2016! Howabout that?big clean up!
  • need a new blog, I am on my laptop no emojis that I can see, so no hearts! yet!!

Ok so I was looking for an crochet image and up comes this photo of one of my carved eggs!! I have decided to leave it as it does look decidedly freeform and quirky in style. What do you think? Yes?

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